Creating a staking pool and validation node

Connecting the staking function to your service

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Staking pools and validation of popular blockchains

Blockchain stacking is a mechanism used in some blockchain networks to achieve consensus and ensure network security. Unlike traditional proof-of-work (PoW) systems, where miners solve complex mathematical puzzles, stacking relies on a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus algorithm. In PoS, participants can validate transactions and create new blocks based on the number of cryptocurrency tokens they hold and "bet" on the network.

By betting their tokens, participants contribute to the security and overall operation of the network. In return for their contribution, they get to earn a reward, usually in the form of additional tokens, for their active participation in maintaining the integrity of the blockchain. The more tokens a person contributes, the higher their chances of being selected to validate transactions and earn rewards.

Our company has extensive experience in developing stacking solutions. Over the years, we have devoted our efforts to understanding the intricacies of blockchain mechanisms and optimising their application. Our team of experts has in-depth knowledge of various stacking protocols, such as delegated bid proof (DPoS) or linked bid proof (BPoS), and has hands-on experience deploying stacking systems for various blockchain networks.

Using our extensive experience in blockchain , our company is well prepared to help clients build and deploy their own stacking platforms. Whether integrating stacking functionality into an existing blockchain network or developing a new stacking ecosystem from the ground up, we have the expertise to provide customised solutions to meet our clients' specific requirements and goals.

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Infrastructure for your cryptocurrency with monthly payment

Integration into your service

Adding staking functionality to your exchange, crypto wallet or cryptocurrency exchanger


Staking of any type and duration Fixed, flexible or DeFi staking

Hardware maintenance

Software setup and server maintenance for smooth operation

Wallet for staking

Reliable storage of cryptocurrencies for the security of your node

Any protocols

We are developing validation nodes in Solana, Ethereum, Polka dot, Polygon, Near and other popular blockchains

Profit Calculator

Install a calculator block that clearly shows the approximate profit for your customersв

Integration into your service

Adding staking functionality to your exchange, crypto wallet or cryptocurrency exchanger


Staking of any type and duration Fixed, flexible or DeFi staking

Hardware maintenance

Software setup and server maintenance for smooth operation
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Main Features

Quick start

We will launch your cryptocurrency staking service in 7 days from the date of payment

Staking provider

Become an intermediary by simplifying staking for your clients

Wallet Support

Support for all types of addresses and protocols of popular wallets

Passive income

Get passive income from staking and distribute the income in the pool


Organization of information and financial storage system, excluding compromise

Regular updates

We will help you improve and update your service
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Easy management of the validation node

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Customizable interface

Light mode
Dark mode
Adjust primary color
Adjust secondary color
A customizable user interface frontend of staking and cryptocurrency wallet. Adapting UI/UX to your goals.
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Mobile Applications

We develop mobile applications for staking. Adaptations for all modern browsers and any devices.
Native mobile apps based on Kotlin for Android and Swift for Apple iOS. Cross-platform on React Native
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Full support of your business

Crypto business mistakes are too painful to be make

Support and improvements

  • Refinement of the required functionality, UI / UX development
  • 24/7 support, according to the SLA
  • Maintenance of servers and equipment
  • Information security assurance
  • Cold storage of tokens and cryptocurrencies

Legal assistance

  • Assistance in obtaining licenses
  • Assistance in opening accounts
  • Setting up bank cards and payment systems
  • Assistance in choosing a jurisdiction for the business
  • Assistance in organizing IDO, ICO, IEO, IFO

Marketing and liquidity

  • Providing liquidity from top exchanges
  • Development and implementation of a user acquisition strategy
  • Drawing up a business plan to attract investment
  • Organizing customer support service

Free consultation

We will tell you everything about the conditions and requirements for a validator to organize stable staking, as well as all the legal nuances
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Why Choose Us?

Deploying a complete node infrastructure for staking
Possibility to test the product before buying it
Minimum terms of implementation with the proper level of quality
Guarantees that the product will meet the expectations of investors
Easy and convinient scalability of the project in the future
Guarantees of transaction security and subsequent support
Free consultation

Launch your staking service in 5 steps

1 Creating requirements
We will select a network based on your budget and the prospects of blockchains on the market
2 Legal aspects
We will advise you on the choice of countries whose jurisdiction suits your goals
3 Customization
We will develop a user-friendly application design for managing pool statistics
4 Starting work
Let's launch and test the ready-made service on real tasks
5 Support
You work - we provide support and technical development
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