Implemented project

A hybrid solution increased sales by 37% for a customer from Spain

The client's name, company and project name are not disclosed

In July 2022, a request came to us to integrate our vision into an application we were already developing. The client and its partners have already obtained a cryptolic licence in Latvia and started to develop a decentralised exchange with in-house programmers. They approached us for more advanced expertise.

SMART objective

To increase sales by at least 20% from hybrid exchange in 5 months.

How did we do it?

We held 3 video meetings with the customer before signing the mutual cooperation agreement. We identified the requirements, discussed the commercial proposal and a preliminary estimate.

Then team started developing the necessary project documentation: Roadmap, PID, Product/System Requirements, (SRS), Architectural Documentation, Development Plan, Release Notes, etc.

This first step is necessary to initiate the project. Our experts did it in 2.5 weeks.

This stage is followed by the following:

  • Software creation and refinement (3 months)
  • Commissioning (1 month)
  • Maintenance (up to now)

Result of Development

The platform is a semi-differentiated order negotiation protocol. All incoming orders and transactions are encrypted, time-stamped and stored in a blockchain, and order matching is performed offline. Decentralisation of order and transaction information enables transparent pricing and transaction security. By centralising the order pool and matching them, scalability is achieved without restrictions and blockages. The exchange ensures high throughput by bundling and matching orders.

The project has achieved a maximum transaction speed of 70,000 transactions per second thanks to its performance tools. Moreover, the platform provides its users with all the necessary information, such as quarterly reports, the results of an audit conducted by one of the top 4 global audit companies, reports on system activity from an independent commission, providing users with detailed information on the status of their accounts, including completed and uncompleted trades.

Bottom line

132 000$

Development costs including legal and business consulting

75 000$


300 000$

Source code

Unit Economic Indicators

6 700 000$


Total Trading Volume

Average daily trading volume on the exchange is $6,700,000


Active Users

The number of active users

530 thousand people


Transaction Fees

$70,000 per month



Return on Investment

Return on investment in cryptocurrency exchange after 10 months was 46%, and the cost of just the technical implementation could pay off after 7 months.

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