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The client's name, company and project name are not disclosed

In December 2022, we received a request to create an online bank for residents of Georgia, Armenia, Russia, Belarus, etc.

SMART objective

To make the MVP version of the blockchain-based online banking project operational within 6 months, taking into account getting all the necessary licenses.

How did we do it?

We held 6 meetings with the customer before signing the mutual cooperation agreement. We identified the requirements, discussed a quotation and a preliminary estimate.

Then team started to develop the necessary project documentation: Roadmap, PID, Product/System Requirements, (SRS), Architectural documentation, Development plan, Release Notes, etc.

The first step is necessary to initiate the project. Our team managed this in 2 weeks.

This step is followed by the next ones:

  • Software creation and finalization (4.3 months)
  • Deployment (1.7 months)
  • Maintenance (until now)

Result of Development

A fully decentralised online banking service is a platform that uses blockchain technology to ensure the security and transparency of financial transactions without central management.

The technical features of the solution include the use of cryptographic algorithms and protocols to ensure transaction security and confidentiality, as well as decentralised risk management and collaboration mechanisms between system participants.

The platform allows users to create and manage their digital wallets, make payments and transfers in various cryptocurrencies, as well as receive and send financial funds in traditional currencies.

The service provides high speed of transaction processing and low fees through the use of decentralised networks and consensus mechanisms.

The platform provides a user-friendly interface to manage financial transactions and get statistics on their assets and transactions, and also supports multicurrency and integration with other blockchain services.

Bottom line

338 000$

Development cost excluding legal support and business consulting

264 000$


300 000$

Source code

Unit Economic Indicators



Average Revenue Per User

Increased by 62%, which means that the average revenue per platform user increased by 62% due to the stimulation of user activity through seamless payments and transfers within the cryptocurrency wallet



Return on Investment

The return on investment of the cryptocurrency wallet module after 10 months was 51%, and the costs of the technical implementation alone were able to pay off after only 6 months.


Active Users

The number of active users

170 thousand people

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