Implemented project

Unique architecture for maximum payment service security

The client's name, company and project name are not disclosed

In January 2023, we received a request for a b2b payment system with crypto and fiat processing. The company already had senior developers those who were developing such solutions on .NET Core 6.

SMART objective

To provide fully functional online payment system with payler-like functionality and legalization in USA within 4,5 months from signing contract.

How did we do it?

Before signing the cooperation agreement, we had 5 meetings with the customer. We identified the requirements, discussed the commercial proposal and preliminary estimate. 

Then team started to develop the necessary project documentation: Roadmap, PID, Product/System Requirements, (SRS), Architectural documentation, Development plan, Release Notes, etc.

The first step is necessary to initiate the project. Our team managed this in 2 weeks.

This step is followed by next steps:

  • Software creation and finalization (2 months)
  • Deployment (1.5 months)
  • Maintenance (until now)

Result of Development

An electronic payment system that allows users to make various financial transactions over the internet.

The technical features of the solution include a multi-level architecture, encryption tools, automatic transaction checking and monitoring systems, and risk management systems.

The service ensures transaction security through multi-factor authentication and notifications to emails and mobile devices.

The payment system provides the ability to make deposits and withdrawals in various currencies, including cryptocurrencies.

It is a stable and reliable solution, which has been paying off for years due to its high level of security and user-friendliness.

Bottom line

63 000$

Development cost excluding legal support and business consulting

120 000$


200 000$

Source code

Unit Economic Indicators



Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization

Increased by 36% after 3 months compared to previous figures, thanks to transfer and exchange fees within the cryptocurrency wallet



Average Revenue Per User

Increased by 56%, which means that the average revenue per platform user increased by 56% due to the stimulation of user activity through seamless payments and transfers within the cryptocurrency wallet



Return on Investment

The return on investment of the cryptocurrency wallet module after 10 months was 61%, and the costs of the technical implementation alone were able to pay off after only 6 months.


Active Users

The number of active users

110 thousand people

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