Development of turnkey smart contracts

Pure code, Security audit, Development of any complexity.

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Development of smart contracts on any blockchain

Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller being directly written into lines of code. They are executed automatically, without the need for a third party, and operate on a blockchain network. Smart contracts enable the secure, transparent, and automated execution of complex business logic, making them ideal for a wide range of industries, including finance, real estate, insurance, and more.

At our company, we specialize in turnkey smart contract development, which means we handle the entire process of developing and launching smart contracts for our clients. We work with a variety of blockchain platforms, including Ethereum, Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain, and more. Our team of experienced developers can create customized smart contract solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client, whether it's a new startup or an established enterprise.

We also specialize in connecting Oracles, which are third-party data sources that provide information to smart contracts. Oracles can be used to gather external data, such as stock prices or weather forecasts, and use that data to trigger the execution of a smart contract. This allows for more complex and dynamic smart contract applications.

If you're interested in developing smart contracts on any blockchain, our team is ready to help. We offer end-to-end smart contract development services, from ideation to deployment and maintenance. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business integrate into the blockchain ecosystem with the help of smart contracts and oracle systems.

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Application of Smart Contracts

Conducting ICO and IEO

Conduct token sales to attract investment and develop your project


Build decentralized dApps across multiple networks


Use smart contracts on your marketplaces

Accept crypto payments

Accept popular cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, BCH, XMR and others on your website automatically


Create a decentralized exchange based on smart contracts

Data storage and exchange

Integrate smart contracts into any business for settlements with counterparts or data storage

Conducting ICO and IEO

Conduct token sales to attract investment and develop your project


Build decentralized dApps across multiple networks


Use smart contracts on your marketplaces
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Main Features

Contracts of any complexity

We work with Utility, STO tokens and stablecoins of any standards

Code audit and testing

Checking events, states, sender addresses and vulnerabilities of smart contracts

Uses in all areas

Integration with popular DEX and SWAP platforms, development of solutions for your own purposes

Writing oracles

We use external databases, create our own libraries and API

Adaptation to the game format

Supplementing platform contracts with game mechanics

Support and promotion

We will help the project scale and develop in the field of digital assets
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  • Several types of user authentication and identification, 2FA
  • Encrypted database, backup
  • Cold storage of cryptoassets
  • Secure access over SSH and IP
  • Access logs and change monitoring

Payment systems

  • Modules for the main systems are connected: youmoney, advcash, kiwi, payeer
  • Setting up Visa / Master / UnionPay / MIR / JCB / AmEx, Stripe, PayPal, PerfectMoney, Skrill
  • Automatic and manual processing of payments

Admin panel

  • Managing tokens, cryptocurrencies, blockchains
  • Managing users and their statuses, anti-fraud system
  • Managing payment systems, cards
  • Managing staking and trading fees, assigning fees
  • Managing notifications, system messages
  • Managing customization of the entire service or individual elements
  • Managing various types of APIs
  • Managing trading robots
  • CMS management
  • Documents

Personal Area

  • Accruals from staking, referrals, bonus programs
  • Customization of different modules appearance
  • Referral management, statistics, history
  • Customizable notifications in a single window from different modules

Technical analysis tools

  • Classic indicators for technical analysis
  • Customizable order book, charts, candles
  • Setting up advisors / trading robots
  • Developing and setting up your indicators
Payment systems
Admin panel
Personal Area
Technical analysis tools
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Ready infrastructure for your project

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Customizable Interface

Light mode
Dark mode
Adjust primary color
Adjust secondary color
In addition to development of cryptocurrency, we provide the entire infrastructure: exchange, P2P, SWAP, referral. You or your users will be able to customize services by themselves in a few clicks
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Mobile app for your purposes

And fully responsive design

Adaptive pages for all modern browsers and any devices.
Native mobile apps based on Kotlin for Android and Swift for Apple iOS. Cross-platform on React Native
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Full Business Support

Crypto business mistakes are too painful to be make

Support and improvements

  • Refinement of the required functionality, UI / UX development
  • 24/7 support, according to the SLA
  • Maintenance of servers and equipment
  • Information security assurance
  • Cold storage of tokens and cryptocurrencies

Legal assistance

  • Assistance in obtaining licenses
  • Assistance in opening accounts
  • Setting up bank cards and payment systems
  • Assistance in choosing a jurisdiction for the business
  • Assistance in organizing IDO, ICO, IEO, IFO

Marketing and liquidity

  • Providing liquidity from top exchanges
  • Development and implementation of a user acquisition strategy
  • Drawing up a business plan to attract investment
  • Organizing customer support service

Audit for free

We offer 2 hours of initial data audit for free in order to choose the optimal solution to your problem and eliminate possible errors at the initial stage
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Why Choose Us?

Deployment of a complete infrastructure for a project
Minimal implementation time with high level of quality
Possibility of simple and convenient scaling of the project in the future
Development assistance: providing liquidity, marketing, connecting payment systems
Possibility to test the product before purchasing
Ensuring that the product will meet your expectations
Security guarantee for transactions and subsequent support
The ability to customize or connect ready-made modules
Free consultation

Create your smart contract in 5 steps

1 Select a blockchain
Use popular and reliable blockchains to build your contracts
2 Specify conditions
We will help to draw up technical specifications and terms of work of contracts
3 Testing
Receive a report on successful tests or take part in them
4 Start of work
Order additional services, build your business like a construction set!
5 Support
You work - we provide support and technical development
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