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What is a token sale and how to launch it

A token sale, also known as an initial coin offering (ICO/IDO), is a type of fundraising in which a blockchain-based project or company offers digital tokens for sale to investors. These tokens are usually created on a blockchain platform, such as Ethereum, and represent a unit of value or utility in the project ecosystem.

Investors can participate in the sale of tokens by purchasing them for cryptocurrency such as bitcoin or ether. The tokens can then be used in the project ecosystem or exchanged on cryptocurrency exchanges for other digital assets.

Selling tokens has become popular in the blockchain industry as a way to raise funds for startups without having to go through traditional venture capital channels. However, some jurisdictions have raised concerns about fraudulent token sales and regulatory issues related to their legality. As a result, token sales have declined in popularity in recent years, and alternative methods of fundraising, such as security token offerings (STOs), have become a more regulated option. Because of our experience and the large number of projects we have launched, we help our clients with project-specific tokenization in a short period of time.

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Technical features for Token sale

There are several technical modules that are necessary for the proper functioning of a token sale. Thanks to our experience, you don't have to worry about running a token sale:

Blockchain infrastructure

A blockchain platform is needed to create and place digital tokens to be sold during the ICO/IDO/STO. This can use an existing blockchain platform, such as Ethereum, or create your own blockchain platform specifically for selling tokens.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are self-executing code that automates the processes of selling tokens, including issuing and distributing tokens. Smart contracts can be used to automatically distribute tokens to investors, establish pricing mechanisms, and enforce regulatory requirements.

Token Creation and Placement

Digital tokens to be sold during the ICO/IDO/STO must be created and placed on a blockchain platform. This involves creating tokens using a standard such as ERC-20 or ERC-721 and placing them on the blockchain.

Payment processing

Investors should be able to purchase tokens using cryptocurrency such as bitcoin or ether. This requires the integration of a payment processing system that can accept and process cryptocurrency payments.

Token platform

A convenient platform is needed to facilitate the purchase and sale of tokens. This may require building your own platform or using an existing platform, such as a decentralized exchange (DEX) or tokenization platform.


Robust security measures are needed to protect the blockchain infrastructure and prevent cyberattacks. This can include implementing firewalls, encryption, multifactor authentication, and regular security audits.

Customer support

A customer support system is needed to help investors who may have questions or technical problems during a token sale. This can include chat, email or phone support. We provide

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Types of tokens that are used in Token sale

Utility tokens

These tokens are designed to provide access to a product or service within the project ecosystem. They do not represent ownership in the company and are not considered securities. Utility tokens are often used as a form of payment within a platform or to access certain features.

Security tokens

These tokens represent a stake in a company or a claim on its assets or profits. They are considered securities and must comply with relevant regulations in the jurisdictions in which they are sold.

Equity tokens

Similar to securities tokens, equity tokens represent a stake in a company and can provide shareholders with voting rights and the ability to receive dividends.

Asset-backed tokens

These tokens are backed by physical assets, such as real estate, precious metals or commodities. They offer investors a way to invest in physical assets without having to own them directly.

Stable Coins (Stablecoins)

These tokens are designed to maintain a stable value and are often tied to a fiat currency or commodity, such as gold. They are used as a means of payment in the blockchain ecosystem and are less volatile than other cryptocurrencies.
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Indicators that affect the further growth of tokens

Raised funding

This is the total amount of capital raised during the token sale. This is an important indicator of ICO/IDO/STO success.

Token price

The price of a token can be used to gauge the demand for the token and the overall market sentiment towards the project.

Duration of token sales

The duration of token sales can be used to gauge the level of interest in the project and to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing and PR efforts.

Token distributio

The distribution of tokens among investors can provide insight into the level of interest from different investor groups and help identify potential areas to improve future token sales.

Geographic distribution

Analyzing the geographic distribution of investors can provide insight into where interest in the project is highest and help inform marketing and outreach efforts.

Social media engagemen

Monitoring social media engagement, such as likes, shares and comments, can provide insight into the level of interest in the project and help identify potential areas for improving marketing and PR efforts.
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Our token sale services

Strategic consulting

We assist our clients in developing a clear and effective strategy for selling tokens, as well as providing guidance on regulatory compliance, legal aspects and investor relations.

Token Creation and Placement

This includes the creation of digital tokens to be sold during the ICO/IDO and their placement on a blockchain platform.

Document Development

In order to conduct a successful tokensale, a large number of documents such as White Paper, Onepager, tokenomics, business plan, communication strategy need to be prepared.

Marketing and PR

Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to promote the token sale and raise awareness of the project. Services can include social media marketing, influencer outreach and PR campaigns.

Technical support

Technical support from our side includes troubleshooting any technical issues that arise during the token sale, as well as providing ongoing support for the infrastructure and blockchain platform.

Investor relations

We develop a strategy for managing investor and user communications, answering questions and providing regular updates on the progress of the token sale and the project as a whole.

Legal services

Legal support includes regulatory compliance, drafting of legal documents such as newsletters and terms of service, and advice on securities law compliance.

Developing a token sales platform

This includes creating a platform to conduct token sales and facilitate the purchase and sale of tokens. This may include developing a user-friendly interface, implementing security measures, and providing customer support.

Token exchange listing

Thanks to years of experience, we provide token listing services on the largest exchanges in the world for projects that hold their own token sales.
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Full support of your business

We carry out a full development cycle of a utility token with subsequent marketing and legal support.

Support and improvements

  • Improvement of the required functionality, UX / UI development
  • Support 24/7, according to SLA
  • Maintenance of servers and equipment
  • Information security assurance
  • Cold storage of tokens and cryptocurrencies

Legal assistance

  • Assistance in obtaining licenses
  • Assistance in opening accounts
  • Setting up bank cards and payment systems
  • Assistance in choosing a jurisdiction for the business
  • Organizing customer support service

Marketing and liquidity

  • Providing liquidity from top exchanges
  • Development and implementation of a user acquisition strategy
  • Drawing up a business plan to attract investment
  • Crypto business consulting

Consultation on the use of robots

We will tell you how you can automate your trading or simplify routine tasks
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Easy and convenient scalability of the project in the future
Guarantees of a secure transaction and follow-up support
Free consultation
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