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Development of a platform for cryptocurrency lending and crypto-loans from scratch

Cryptocurrency lending is a type of lending that allows individuals or organizations to lend or borrow cryptocurrencies, usually through a peer-to-peer platform or centralized exchange. Lenders provide their cryptocurrency as collateral in exchange for interest payments, and borrowers can use the borrowed cryptocurrency for various purposes, such as trading or investing, and pay interest on the amount borrowed. The terms of cryptocurrency lending depend on the platform or exchange used.

At the moment, due to weak regulation, any entrepreneur can order the development of their own platform and start now to integrate classic business on their platform, thus earning commissions and gaining new audience.

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Modules and services in crypto lending platform development

Smart contracts

Smart contracts are used to automate and facilitate credit transactions in a decentralized and uncontrolled manner.

Blockchain networks

Cryptocurrency lending platforms are built on blockchain networks, which provide the underlying technology for secure and transparent transactions.


Cryptocurrency wallets are used to store and transfer digital assets, including collateral and loan amounts used in lending transactions.

Decentralized Exchanges

Are used to facilitate the exchange of digital assets in a decentralized and trusted manner.


APIs (application programming interfaces) are used to connect various platforms and systems, enabling seamless integration and communication between lending platforms and other services.


In lending, oracles can be used to provide price information and other relevant data to guide lending decisions.

Interoperability protocols

Interoperability protocols are used to facilitate communication and interaction between different blockchain networks and systems, enabling seamless integration and cross-chain transactions.

Privacy protocols

This protocol can use techniques such as zero-knowledge proof and ring signatures to ensure confidentiality of transaction information.

Liquidity Pools

Liquidity pools are used to provide a pool of funds that can be used for credit transactions.

Flash Loans

Flash loans are a type of decentralized lending that allows borrowers to borrow without any collateral, as long as the loan is repaid within a single block of transactions.

Decentralized IDs

DIDs are used to provide a decentralized and sovereign identity system for lending platforms. They are used to authenticate users and provide control over their own identity and personal data.Flash credits are typically used for arbitrage and other short-term trading strategies.

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Types of cryptocurrency lending and crypto loans

Centralized Lending

This is the most common type of cryptocurrency lending, which involves lending and borrowing cryptocurrencies through centralized lending exchanges or platforms. The lending process is managed by the exchange or platform, which acts as an intermediary between lenders and borrowers. Centralized lending is more user-friendly and generally offers lower interest rates than decentralized lending.


  • User-friendliness

    Centralized lending platforms are often more user-friendly and accessible than decentralized platforms, making it easier for users to navigate and use the platform.

  • Security

    Centralized lending platforms often have stronger security measures and risk management protocols, which can help protect lenders and borrowers from fraud and hacking attempts.

  • Liquidity

    More liquidity, which means more lenders and borrowers, which makes it easier to find lenders and borrowers and provides faster access to funds.

  • Lower Interest Rates

    Centralized lending platforms often offer lower interest rates than decentralized platforms because of the lower risk of default, as they usually have a more thorough risk assessment and credit check.

  • Support

    A help desk that can assist users with any problems or questions provides additional peace of mind.

Decentralized Lending

This type of lending is done on the blockchain network, usually through decentralized funding platforms (DeFi). Decentralized lending allows for person-to-person lending without intermediaries, making it more decentralized and less influenced by central points of failure. Interest rates in decentralized lending may be higher than in centralized lending because there are no intermediaries, but borrowers and lenders have more control over the lending process.


  • Decentralization

    Decentralized lending platforms tend to be more decentralized and transparent than centralized platforms, which means there is no central authority or middleman managing the lending process. This can reduce the risk of fraud or manipulation and provide more control and autonomy for lenders and borrowers.

  • Flexibility

    Decentralized lending platforms often offer more flexibility in terms of loan terms, interest rates, and collateral options. This can give borrowers and lenders more room to negotiate mutually beneficial terms.

  • Lower barriers to entry

    Decentralized lending platforms typically have lower barriers to entry, allowing more people to participate in lending and borrowing. This can promote financial inclusion and provide access to finance for people who may not have access to traditional financial services.

  • No credit checks

    Decentralized lending platforms often don't require credit checks, which can make it easier for borrowers with less than ideal credit scores to get loans.

  • Higher returns

    Decentralized lending platforms often offer higher returns to lenders due to the lack of intermediaries, which can make them an attractive option for investors looking for high return opportunities.

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How to make money on a cryptocurrency lending platform

Accruing interest on loans

The most common way to make money on a cryptocurrency lending platform is to accrue interest on loans. You can set interest rates and terms on your platform and receive a portion of the interest paid by borrowers.

Charging fees

You can charge various fees on your platform, such as loan origination fees, transaction fees, withdrawal fees, and other fees. These fees can generate revenue for your platform, but it's important to balance fees with the needs and expectations of your users.

Offer premium services

You can offer premium services such as faster loan processing times, higher loan amounts, and better interest rates to users willing to pay. Premium services can bring in additional revenue and help set your platform apart from the competition.

Participating in yield farming programs

You can participate in yield farming programs to generate additional income for your platform. Yield farming involves betting on your platform's native cryptocurrency in DeFi protocols to earn rewards in the form of additional cryptocurrency.

Creating partnerships

You can partner with other companies such as cryptocurrency exchanges, wallet providers, and other platforms to offer cross-promotions, referral programs, and other revenue-sharing opportunities
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Technical features when developing a crypto lending platform

Smart contract development

Smart contract development can help ensure the security and transparency of the lending process.

Cryptocurrency wallet integration and development

Integrating a cryptocurrency wallet into a lending platform allows users to easily deposit and withdraw funds, as well as track account balances and transaction history.


Complying with KYC & AML regulations will help prevent fraud and ensure your platform is compliant. This may include developing a user verification system that requires users to provide identification and other information.

Risk Management

Developing a risk management system that can analyze and assess the creditworthiness of borrowers can help minimize the risk of default and ensure the financial stability of the platform.

Support for multiple currencies

Support for multiple cryptocurrencies will help increase the flexibility and usability of the lending platform, as users can choose to place and borrow different types of cryptocurrencies.

User interface design

The user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design of the platform can play an important role in attracting and retaining users. UI/UX design should be intuitive, visually appealing and easy to navigate.

Security features

Developing strong security features such as two-factor authentication, SSL encryption, and cold storage can help protect the platform and users from hacks and other security threats.
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How we develop cryptocurrency lending platforms from konomic


Define the scope and requirements for the platform:

The first step in developing a cryptocurrency platform is to define the scope of the project and gather requirements from stakeholders.
  • Define the user personas
  • Define the key features and functionality of the platform.

User interface development

After defining the scope and requirements, the next step is to develop the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of the platform. This may include:
  • Creating sketches, prototypes, and mockups
  • Testing the interface and design to make sure the design meets the customer's needs and preferences.

Platform architecture and infrastructure design

The platform architecture and infrastructure must be designed to support the intended use case and scale of the platform. This may include:
  • Selection of blockchain technology
  • Development of smart contracts
  • API integration, and configuration of servers, databases, and security tools

Development and testing of basic functions and features

Basic functions and features of the platform, such as:
  • User registration
  • Deposit and withdrawal of funds
  • Loan application
  • Credit scoring and interest rate calculations, must be developed and thoroughly tested to ensure that they work as intended

Implementing security and compliance measures

Security and compliance measures must be implemented to protect the platform and users from security and regulatory violations. At this stage, we include:
  • Designing user verification processes
  • Implementing SSL encryption, etc
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations KYC/AML

Platform deployment and performance monitoring

Once the platform has been developed and tested, it can be deployed to the real environment. We then closely monitor the performance of the platform to make sure the project is functioning as intended and promptly fix any problems or bugs if they occur.

Post production and technical support and refinement of the platform

The platform must be continually improved and iterated based on user feedback, performance metrics, and market trends. This can include adding new features, optimizing existing features, and performing regular security and compliance audits. All of these services go into comprehensive product maintenance.
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Full support of your business

We carry out a full development cycle of a utility token with subsequent marketing and legal support.

Support and improvements

  • Improvement of the required functionality, UX / UI development
  • Support 24/7, according to SLA
  • Maintenance of servers and equipment
  • Information security assurance
  • Cold storage of tokens and cryptocurrencies

Legal assistance

  • Assistance in obtaining licenses
  • Assistance in opening accounts
  • Setting up bank cards and payment systems
  • Assistance in choosing a jurisdiction for the business
  • Organizing customer support service

Marketing and liquidity

  • Providing liquidity from top exchanges
  • Development and implementation of a user acquisition strategy
  • Drawing up a business plan to attract investment
  • Crypto business consulting

Consultation on the use of robots

We will tell you how you can automate your trading or simplify routine tasks
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